Basically, Typedef means user-defined function interfaces.

Let me explain with usage examples that help you understand better

  1. Let’s get started with a basic example and convert the text to uppercase and lowercase letters as follows.

In this article, I will teach you how to persist your data in your local storage using get_storage package

What is GetStorage?

It’s a simple persistent key/value storage for any platform.

Why GetStorage?

  • It’s lightweight as a feather
  • It’s simple to use
  • It’s fast as hell

Flutter announced Navigation 2.0 and It’s so exciting but have you tried it? If you did, you know that It’s really confusing. In this case, GetX package’s navigation solution gives us simple syntax and the same experience.

Instead of telling basics, I prepared a cheat sheet for you.

As you know, getting WET is one of the most major problems while coding. Especially If you’re a Flutter developer, the situation is even worse. Because Flutter is amazing and you can’t keep yourself away from writing code fast.

As the proverb says

“Every Flutter developer gets WET when they’re coding.”

Here some advice for you guys If you write the same code twice. You’re probably doing something really wrong. Please take a deep breath and write your code wisely again.

Also, there is a saying around developers.

“You can’t get DRY unless you WET”

So, enjoy while you’re coding, and don’t think too much to write perfect code at one…

State management is one of the complex processes in Flutter. Things can get much more complicated if not managed properly. There are dozens of state management solutions out there. In this article, I’m gonna show you my personal favorite GetX package. It’s easier than others and gives us much more flexibility.

What is State Management?

Basically, It’s a system that you manage your states from one or more places.

What is GetX’s State Management Solution?

GetX package has 3 types of approaches to managing your state.

They are Reactive (GetBuilder), Non-Reactive (GetX, Obx), and Mixed (MixinBuilder).

Boost your productivity with these VS Code extensions and finish your projects sooner than ever.

In this article I’m going to show you Visual Studio Extensions that make your workflow faster and easier. Let’s get started!


1. Material Icon Theme: Find your files/folders instantly

This will be applied automatically. You don’t need to do anything to use

You’d like to write clean and effective code as Dart Team recommends, but are you too lazy to do that? You can do that with just 2 lines of code! Moreover, you don't even need to read the documentation.

Let's talk about the lint!


End of the article, you will be able to use all the rules with zero effort.

Lint basically means code analyzer in programming.

You select the rules and let lint checks your code while you’re coding. If you made a mistake, It will warn you. That's all.

You’re lucky! Dart Language has a lot of well-documented…

What is Hooks?

Hooks are a new kind of object that manages a Widget life-cycles. They exist for one reason: increase the code-sharing between widgets by removing duplicates.

In this article, I’ll show you how to reduce your boilerplate code using flutter_hooks.

Why this package exists?

StatefulWidget suffers from a big problem: it is very difficult to reuse the logic of say initState or dispose.

The most exciting thing about this package. when you use hooks, you don’t need to worry about like initState and dispose methods in your widget lifecycle. the package will handle them like a boss instead of you.

If you used any controller…

In this article, I’ll cover how to make an app multi-language without any effort. I used GetX package and made a little service to make life easier.


In this article, You will learn step by step how to get dynamic dark theme without any boilerplate code.


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UI/UX Designer and Flutter developer

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