Have you heard of Protocol Buffers it’s like XML or JSON, but smaller, faster, and simpler

What are Protocol Buffers?


Are you too lazy to read the whole explanations of new features?

Performance Improvements on iOS

  • Also, iOS 8 support is deprecated

Here are some graphics

What is KISS?

  • K: Keep
  • I: It
  • S: Simple
  • S: Stupid (Baka)

“So you need to KISS your app because there is beauty in simplicity” — Anonim

Not That

What is StateMixin?

Two Side of Usage

  1. Change the state according to your code (Controller Side)
  2. Listen to the state changes reactively (UI Side)

Use Case with an Example

There are 3 responsive approaches in GetX

  1. Using separated builders

  1. Let’s get started with a basic example and convert the text to uppercase and lowercase letters as follows.

What is GetStorage?

Why GetStorage?

  • It’s lightweight as a feather
  • It’s simple to use
  • It’s fast as hell

As the proverb says

“Every Flutter developer gets WET when they’re coding.”

Also, there is a saying around developers.

“You can’t get DRY unless you WET”

Hasan Basri Bayat

UI/UX Designer and Flutter developer

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