If you wanna make your job constantly joyful. Your app needs to be rock SOLID while you enjoy right? so let's learn how to be SOLID in programming!

SOLID Principles

  1. SIP — Single Responsibility Principle
  2. OCP — Open Closed Principle
  3. LSP — Liskov’s Substitution Principle
  4. ISP — Interface Segregation Principle
  5. DIP —…

While I examine other projects, there is something that bothers me usually, and that is most of us don’t obey the Dart syntax rules

I know you may come from another language background but you’re using Dart now and Dart does some things differently.

Actually, Dart documentation explains everything perfectly…

Hello everyone, I’m learning the gRPC world and making articles about it as simple as possible. This is part 3. This time I tried to explain to myself with the most simple example (both Client/Server) to learn gRPC. Hope you like it!

Previous Parts

First Part

A comprehensive introduction to ProtoBuf

Second Part

A comprehensive introduction…

Hasan Basri Bayat

UI/UX Designer and Flutter developer

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