Hello everyone, I’m learning the gRPC world and making articles about it as simple as possible. This is part 3. This time I tried to explain to myself with the most simple example (both Client/Server) to learn gRPC. Hope you like it!

Previous Parts

First Part

A comprehensive introduction to ProtoBuf

Second Part

A comprehensive introduction…

1. Use SVG for icons and vector images

GetX is amazing but as all we know GetX’s documentation sucks! There are lots of features even not documented! And GetNotifier is one of them.

It’s simply an alternative for GetBuilder and GetX solutions

In summary

  • GetBuilder: Simple State Management
  • GetX: Reactive State Management
  • GetNotifier: Immutable State Management

But wait.. . What…


Let’s take a look at gRPC and understand why It’s awesome and why and when we should use gRPC over REST


Communication between (different) languages should be, Easy, Simple, Efficient, and FAST

and gRPC give you all for free

What are Protocol Buffers?

Protocol Buffers (Protobuf) is a free and open-source cross-platform library used to serialize structured data.

That means it’s like XML or JSON, but smaller, faster, and simpler.

Define your data structure and let protoc generate all the code for you!


Flutter 2.5 is out with 4600 closed issues and 3932 merged PRs.

Let’s see what’s new highlights in brief.

Performance Improvements on iOS

iOS has less jank, consumes less CPU and power, and is more performant now

  • Also, iOS 8 support is deprecated

Here are some graphics

Look and get excited

If you wanna be a great developer you have to obey some rules, and one of the rules is the KISS principle!

What is KISS?

  • K: Keep
  • I: It
  • S: Simple
  • S: Stupid (Baka)

It means while writing your code don’t make them too complex, be relax and make everything as much as possible simpler because “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci.

“So you need to KISS your app because there is beauty in simplicity” — Anonim

Not That

Simplicity always should be a key goal in design, code, and life itself!

What is StateMixin?

It’s simply a mixin that gives us the power to rule the UI state.

Two Side of Usage

  1. Change the state according to your code (Controller Side)
  2. Listen to the state changes reactively (UI Side)

Use Case with an Example

Let’s assume we have a user class with an only name property, and we fetch a user list from…

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